The Boho Spirit Collection of CND

CND, delivers high performance nail colour on the cutting edge of fashion and technology. They are the global leader in processional nail products and service- that devotes a significant amount of time and resources to product research and development, as well as educational support.

Their latest summer 2018 shades collection, entitled ‘Boho Spirit’ is a mixture of upbeat and highly pigmented shades of red, to heat up the Summer. The tones evoke thoughts of warm sunsets in indie orange and desert rose, combinations of dark ginger and fiery coral brighten up the medley of colours. Contemporary yet rustic, Boho Spirit is a versatile mix of sun-kissed tones that reflect the fervent energy of Summer.

With such as success, we decided to discuss CND with Judith Calzada, the Marketing Manager of CND brand EMEA.

Vinylux Long-Wearing Nail Polish

How did the CND brand come about?

CND was started in 1979 in Oceanside, California, by a chance discovery in a dentist’s office. That’s where Dr. Stuart Nordstrom, a practicing dentist, got the idea for a new nail enhancement product: A patient remarked that the material used to prepare temporary caps smelled like the material used to sculpt porcelain nails. The result was SolarNail Liquid, the industry’s first-ever monomer formulation for greater nail strength and flexibility- and the first product to deliver natural, non-yellowing nail colour. SolarNail was a transformative event. It changed the future of the nail industry. It changed the future of the Nordstrom family. And to this day, together with a growing team of passionate professionals, CND has continued to change the industry for the past 39 years– now in more than 90 countries worldwide.

What sets you apart from others in this competitive industry- specifically in the MENA region where beauty treatments are a core part of our lifestyle?

We have three factors that really differentiates as form the rest. The first one is proven superior performance and beauty without compromising nail health. For example, we have Shellac- 2xfaster removal vs leading gel polish, that is proven to leave nails healthy after removal, then Vinylux– True 7-day wear without compromise and also RidgeFx- works like a concealer against nail imperfections, RescueRXX- Clinically proven to restore-repair nails, among many others). The second one is that we do World Class education on not just product, but nail health, and finally we are fashion forward focused and well known for our nail artistry.

In a world where women are becoming increasingly more and more conscious on ensuring they use products that are safe and do not create long-term damage, how does CND ensure that you continue providing products that meet these needs?

Each of our products is meticulously researched and tested before it ever reaches the customer. We have our own state-of-the-art laboratory and the scientific and technological know-how to engineer the exact products that professionals want and need. Once these products and services are in their hands, CND continues to offer support, education, and inspiration, with the ultimate goal of maintaining the health of the clients’ natural nails while enhancing their beauty.

What can your faithful clients expect to see from CND in the coming few years?

Very soon there is going to be a big innovation that will surprise you a lot! As you may know, CND were the first ones to create Shellac, so not only we are the pioneers but also the most prestigious brand within the nail industry. This year after much anticipation, CND is coming out with a huge innovation that is going to rock the nail industry again. I hope you like it!

What’s your own favourite CND product?

In CND we love all of all of our products. They are each very different and all have an important role to play within our portfolio. I do however have a favourite colour, I love Shellac Wildfire! I can have it for more than 14 days in my nail without damage and the colour remains the same and with the same shine. But also, I have to say that I always have with me our Solar Oil to maintain my nails moisturized and in a perfect condition.

Interview by Lama Zalat, with Judith Calzada, the Marketing Manager of CND brand EMEA.

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