Blogger: Paul Ramos

In the crowded universe of the Internet where fashion bloggers are not in short supply, finding recognition is not an easy task. Meet, 28-year old Paul Ramos, who stands out with his unique style, thanks to his passion in dressing up, and to lesser existence of male fashion bloggers as he would admit. This issue, get to know the man behind The Style Choreo, and understand how his blog turned his interests in style, fashion and arts into seriously important collaborations with world-renowned brands.

What made you decide to venture into fashion blogging?
I’ve been in the fashion industry for like a decade. I worked with several retail companies and different brands. I was so passionate about dressing up, so I started sharing my daily outfits through the site, My style posts received a lot of positive feedback. One reader asked me if I had a blog, so out of curiosity, I started following blogs from all over the world and from then I was inspired to begin my own.

What was the reception of your blog and how did it feel?
The feeling was phenomenal! I didn’t really expect that people would like what I was posting. I think meeting readers’ expectations is quite a struggle for me as a blogger. I have to make sure to not let them down. As a blogger, I believe that being more creative, credible and passionate is a must.

Aside from being a fashion blogger, what else keeps you busy?
I used to work with an American denim brand in Abu Dhabi and at the same time running the blog. Nowadays, I’m focused on working for The Style Choreo, collaborating with some brands, and getting more projects.

Paul Ramos

A lot of people want to start a fashion blog.
Are there any tips you can give them?

As Franca Sozzani said during the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience 2014, “Everyone can be a blogger.” However, to become a credible blogger you should know what you talk about and you have to be more passionate about your craft; do what you love and love what you do.

What are your must-have fashion essentials?
I think men should be more conscious about choosing their wardrobe. A navy or grey suit is my number one essential for it’s very versatile, easy to mix and match aspect. The second would be a white crisp dress shirt or even a white button-down oxford shirt. Third would be brown leather accessories like shoes, belt and bag. Sleek looking pompadour haircut is really trendy for men right now, and aside from that, it’s quite easy to style.

What projects do you have at the present and in the pipeline, and what were the past projects that made you proud?
Early this year, I collaborated with some local and international brands such as A21 Designs by Abdullah with my ‘New Years Style’ post. Just recently, I hosted a stylish event competition with Brooks Brothers in conjunction with the opening of their flagship store in Yas Mall. To date, I can say that one of the most amazing collaborations I have ever done was where I was chosen to be a GUESS Watches Ambassador in the US and UAE.

What fashion trends excite you in 2015?
To tell you honestly, I don’t really follow trends. A fashion blogger’s perspective is that we are the trendsetters. After all, fashion trends come and go, but having your own style is eternal.

How long do you see yourself blogging?
As long as there are people who read my blog and show their undying support then there will be no end.