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Bespoke and Exclusive with Clare Pardoe

Velvet sat down for an exclusive interview with Clare Pardoe who reveals to us the past, present and future of her luxury fine jewellery house, Phioro. “At the age of 16 I knew I wanted to

Velvet sat down for an exclusive interview with Clare Pardoe who reveals to us the past, present and future of her luxury fine jewellery house, Phioro.

“At the age of 16 I knew I wanted to design, and that I wanted to own my own business. Initially I believed it would be a product design business as I was extremely passionate about objects, furniture and woodwork; however, after attending Art Foundation I was introduced to metal and found my true passion. I still feel my work can be construed as beautiful objects above all else, I consider every angle whether worn on or off the body and they are often very organic and three-dimensional designs,” said Clare Pardoe, the woman behind Phioro, the Middle East’s premier emerging luxury brands for seeking exceptional, bespoke and limited edition fine jewellery.

Extending from an extensive bloodline of creative artists and designers, both present and past, Clare has always felt most comfortable in identifying with her inherited artistic instincts. Her great grandfather, Thomas Pardoe, was the painter of the famous Nantgarw Pottery. Considered to be among the most valuable artifacts ever produced in Wales, Nantgarw porcelain was collected by the royals and today remains on display at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

Clare Pardoe-Double Aquaray Ring - Diamond Pave White Gold

Much like her great grandfather, Clare has the ability to see the beauty of a piece from all angles, considering every aspect when designing. Depending on her inspirations, Clare is equally confident designing both minimalist and statement jewellery, and everything in between; a truly versatile designer.

Rooted in her British-Emirati background, Clare returned to Dubai to further advance her endeavours with Phioro. Clare remains inspired by the fascinating surroundings of her home city; showcasing an ornate and harmonious confluence of old vs. new, traditional versus modern and Eastern versus Western design elements.

Admitted to have always admired the world of fashion, Clare was first introduced to it as a model and that has helped her immeasurably with contacts, and understanding of how the industry works, while creating a branding and marketing strategy that will catch people’s attention.

Clare Pardoe-One Of A Kind Liana Necklace - Blue Topaz (1)

Her jewellery brand Phioro is all about bold, striking, organic forms, accentuated by a select anthology of priceless materials and precious stones. “My designs are intended to be true works of art, beautiful from every angle. I also love to create one-of-a-kind designs for private clients – working with people from around the world, I am able to personally connect with each client and deliver a bespoke piece that truly encapsulates their story,” she shared.

A new offshoot brand called Qi by Phioro is the newest baby she has. This is a collection that really sums up her own inner journey – it is all about energy, positivity, chakras and spiritually connecting one’s inner self to outer representation of ourselves. The pieces are very delicate, edgy and modern and have proved extremely popular so far.

According to Clare, she ensures that when she designs collections so that they reach out to women of many different backgrounds – something that comes naturally to her having grown up in such a diverse region. Here, the Middle Eastern women are some of the most well groomed women she has ever seen. She explained, “They always have their nails manicured, their makeup and hair done to perfection and they really know how to wear clothes and jewellery that make them shine. Women here are like jewels in the desert, and I think the rest of the world looks to them for inspiration because of this elegance and attention to detail. I am very proud to see women in this region taking such pride in their appearance and enjoying fashion in the way that they do, I think this influences all the different cultures that live within this region.”

Clare Pardoe-Aquaray Ring - Green Tsavourites, Yellow Sapphires

Speaking of inspirations, as a designer, Clare finds it is essential to be always inspired. “I am inspired by everything around me, I love other people’s jewellery and always noticed what other people choose to wear to express themselves, I love nature and all of it’s wonderful and incredible creations; I love architecture, especially the modern buildings we are surrounded with in the Middle East and so many other things. Sometimes, I will notice a corner of an object and that will send my mind spinning off in new directions. I believe it is important to notice details as well as form in order to create new and extraordinary designs,” she concluded.

Clare Pardoe

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