ATELIER ZUHRA showcases at the ‘Al Arabia Fashion Days’ in Moscow, Russia

ATELIER ZUHRA showcases at the ‘Al Arabia Fashion Days’ in Moscow, Russia

Atelier Zuhra, in which Rayan Al-Sulaimani is the CEO of, together with other top fashion designers and fashion ateliers from the Middle East showcased their couture collection at the inaugural Al Arabia Fashion Days held at the historic Mainso Saltykov-Chertkov in Moscow, Russia, last week (October 20th).

Rayan describes herself as a highly dedicated, motivated creative, when it comes to her craft within Atelier Zuhra. At the helm of the creative couture house is their mother; Mousa Al Awful, who has always dreamed of glamour, and bringing their story to life. Keeping up with their signature couture style the fashion house showed head-turning pieces in jewel tones. Using unique and elegant fabrics that are adorned with intricately embroidered beadings, laces, and feathers.

Al Arabia Fashion Days is a Russian project on an international scale, with a focus on strengthening the fashion industry, as well as cultural and business relationships between Russia and Middle East countries.

Accepting the award for Best Arab Fashion Designer 2018 by the organizers of the event, Rayan goes on to say; “I’m just grateful to be doing what I love, designing clothes that are being worn by women that I much adore. This award will be an inspiration not only for me but for all of us at Atelier Zuhra to continue the tradition of dressing up glamorous women.”