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artistic palace

Written by Khalid Abushaban

Orientalism, passion and pride are at the forefront of the unique brand Artistic Palace. A brand created on craftsmanship. A brand merging tradition from past generations with a contemporary twist. Getting the opportunity for a one-on-one talk with Artistic Palace at CENTRESTAGE, was not only inspiring, but refreshing!

What Defines your brand?

The brand consists of tailor made, ready to wear clothing accompanied with precious material embedded within the fabrics. The brand is a sub-brand of Chinese arts and crafts, founded in 1995. Artistic palace implies their products are carefully crafted using high quality material and skills handed down from generations.

Inspiration for this collection was derived from the artistic ancient Chinese culture to modify its traditional clothing and present a modern twist to each garment. Combining traditional Chinese aesthetic elements with novel modern styles that represent Chinese social customs are the core for this collection.

When did you decide to be a designer and to apply your skills at Artistic Palace?

When I was around 4 years old I was already drawing, I used to take the curtains off the walls in my house and draw on them. My mom thought they were beautiful so she would hang them back up, then I learned how to use a machine and never looked back. 

Does the brand have a signature dress?

Not a signature dress but we do have a signature to our brand which is “Yao” which translates to shining.

artistic palace

You can learn more about Artistic Palace, here.