Accademia del Lusso presents the fashion show “In_Materia” At La Pelota in Via Palermo 10, Milan

Accademia del Lusso, the high-level training school for Fashion and Design, chose Milan, a theatre of the synergy between historical luxury brands and new emerging designers, to present its 2018 fashion show. The pieces on the catwalk- created by forty-seven talents from across the globe, all students at Accademia del Lusso in Milan, Rome, Palermo and Belgrade- expressing the union of material and form. Barbara LG Sordi, Artistic Director of In_Materia, created the concept starting from Michelangelo’s idea, according to which it is the material itself which inspires the final form of creation.

Manipulating textiles means being able to take possession of the main element that makes up a garment, transforming it into an original product that has no comparison. Material is shaped, as if in an artistic procedure, to give life to pieces that best expresses the creativity of the various artists. The motto this year is about going beyond the norm, not setting physical limits, infuriating space- A hymn to creativity, generated by minds that are not contaminated by duty or clichés.

The designers worked for months with different materials, such as tulle, silk chiffon, organza, taffeta, poplin cotton, structured cotton, cady, extra fine and jersey yarn. Embellishing and personalising them with details that are inspired by the garments of Maison Margiela, the crepes used by Balenciaga, the structured yarns of Rick Owens, Simone Rocha’s layers and volumes, and Christopher Kane’s patchwork.

The location chosen for the event was La Pelota, a building situated in one of the most evocative and lively parts of Milan. Positioned between the Brera and Moscova districts; places of inspiration for many creative minds, both by day and by night. By day through the places of creativity and culture that are present in the area, and by night through the animated social interaction. The space itself can be defined as eclectic and multi-functional, a source of fine creative expression and research. A place to be immersed completely within a timeless mood without being distracted by the business of life in Milan.

“The idea that inspires the theme for ‘In_Materia’ is about finding a connection between the physical and oneiric dimension. It is the best expression that can be communicated through its modelling and chromatic variations. This theme has allowed the designers to best express their creativity, without leaving anything to chance. Everything has a life cycle that always starts and finishes with material.” BLG Sordi, Academic Director of Accademia del Lusso.