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Written by Khalid Abushaban

With a passion for 3-D and obscure fabrics, designer label Absurd Laboratory, creates diverse designs for both Women and Men. Creations that are street-chic and smart, where non-symmetrical ideas run wild. Getting the chance for a one-on-one with Absurd Laboratory at CENTRESTAGE was amazing!

How would you describe your brand?

Our brand is ready-to-wear, non-symmetrically inspired from real life material and texture both Men and Women are comfortable to wear- it’s clothing for business or street wear.

What is the story behind your brand, what can you tell your customers about how it all started?

After I graduated from English school, I liked to study something related to design so I got into design school, I loved to do animation and 3-D designs. Finally, I had a choice between fashion or interior design, I had a choice between something that I can build with my own hands or something I just needed a computer for. 

I loved to work with precision so I developed my skills in something that can be built by my hands, I then used different kinds of skills to always change embroidery and play around with different fabrics. 

With the future relying heavily on the digital scene, how are you implementing it?

I have customers from Japan, Taiwan, China, USA and London. 

Just online shopping in this season I collaborated with one of the biggest shops in Hong Kong, at this moment I am doing “per order piece by piece” it’s not factory made so I could give each garment the right attention to detail and ensure the quality is to the brands standards. All the items are limited around 25 to 30 pieces.

I sell on all my digital Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and our website.


What is your signature piece?

My Signature cuts on the garments which my customers love are the contrast in colors and the fabric mismatch of the material together. Our customers also love the tiny details of the brand like our signature ribbons.

Learn more about Absurd Laboratory, here.