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A Sensory Journey to Wellbeing at Cheval Blanc

Cheval Blanc Randheli and Courchevel offer you a sensory experience that will make you recharge your batteries in no time

Two different natural surroundings, two different moods, but the result is the same as both Cheval Blanc Randheli and Courchevel offer you a sensory experience that will make you recharge your batteries in no time and regain your energy, wellbeing, and focus as you carry on with your life on a more serene tempo.

Located in the serene setting of Maldivian archipelago, Cheval Blanc Randheli proffer their private spa island overlooking the crystal clear waters of the lagoon, offering guests peace and relaxation; while in the prestigious Jardin Alpin of Courchevel, with direct access to the world’s largest ski domain, the Trois Vallees, Cheval Blanc Courchevel Spa invites guests to embark upon an unparalleled sensorial journey that pampers the body and mind – a true immersion into Guerlain’s world of beauty and well-being resides in both Maison’s.

Yoga and meditation

Cheval Blanc Randheli’s experience starts by setting sail aboard a traditional dhoni to the Maison’s dedicated Spa Island, where six thatched villas overlook the crystal clear waters of the lagoon. While the guests enjoy their stay on the Spa Island, they are also invited to taste the healthy dishes of the Spa Bar, to relax in the fresh water of the swimming pool and to enjoy the sun and sand on the island’s private beaches. They can book themselves in for an Aerial Yoga class, combining Indian discipline and acrobatics, recently developed by Szilvia Rung, Yoga and Meditation Teacher on the Cheval Blanc Spa Island.

In a 45-minute group or individual session, guests make figures guided and advised by the expert and supported by long silky sheets like yellow rubans. One metre from the ground, the body moves free from pressure and defies gravity, reversing the gravitational effect. The body feels light and eased of any tension, allowing it to curve and gently become stronger. While Aerial Yoga offers a greater feeling of fulfilment and serenity than traditional yoga, it above all provides improved flexibility of the body and sustained concentration, as the person finds themselves in an unusual situation, suspended in the air.

Established on the Cheval Blanc Spa Island, the pavilion dedicated to yoga offers a 360-degree view over the ocean and its crystalline waters so characteristic of Maldivian atolls. In this idyllic setting, yogis can reach a state of absolute well-being and a feeling of calm, caressed by a gentle breeze. Ideal for recharging your batteries, re-energising body and making the most of this stay at Cheval Blanc Randhel

Hot and cold

Cheval Blanc Courchevel Guerlain Spa has drawn inspiration from the specific needs generated by cold temperatures and high altitude to develop a series of exclusive signature treatments and massages, specially designed for winter sports.

Besides wonderfully comforting treatments, guests may also enjoy a swim in the infinity-edge pool, an invigorating moment in the ice water plunge pool, or relaxation in the rain shower, the steam room or the sauna. Meanwhile, a newly renovated state-of-the-art 65m² Technogym fitness centre overlooking the legendary Courchevel slopes as well as private aquabiking and Pilates sessions are a sporty alternative to a day on the slopes.

To complete the wellbeing experience try the Russian Banya, installed at the foot of the slopes, the Russian banya is the latest amenity provided for our guests’ well-being and enjoyment at Cheval Blanc Courchevel. This dry-heat sauna reaches temperatures of 90 centigrade, it combines the intensity of heat with the power of winter in the woods. As is traditional in Northern latitudes, you purify body and soul with the heat, then tone yourself with the shock of the cold when you roll in the soft snow.



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