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Seasonal Briefing

With the onset of male fashion bloggers, the men’s department actually receives a lot of boost this year. Men have managed to become more vocal (and visual) on how they love their style, and what

With the onset of male fashion bloggers, the men’s department actually receives a lot of boost this year. Men have managed to become more vocal (and visual) on how they love their style, and what kind of look they want to follow. Well, it’s definitely raining menswear across the country with the rise of new fashion trends for the upcoming season. In this issue, we break down the nine biggest to follow.


Hello, Baggy

Say goodbye to your skinny jeans because this season, you must be spotted comfy with the baggy trousers. Across the board, trousers were higher waisted and far looser cut – and while flares made the occasional appearance thanks to that Seventies sensibility, the most popular style was more along the lines of the Zoot suits of the Forties and often cut from wool with a turn-up.


Go Green

To break the monotonous grey, try the green palette that stormed the runways as the second most popular hue for the season. Whether it’s forest, dark, military and even mint green, there are no rules – you can go all green for A/W 2015.


The One-piece Suit

One of the most famous items in the menswear department during the 2nd World War is being revived in A/W 2015 fashion. Rather than the army-issue iterations, the siren suits are returning with a high-end remix. Channel the onesie trend with smart shoes, shirts and ties or tailored jacket as seen on Hermes.


Squares and Patches

Big, bold blocks of colours and patches on jeans surfaced prominently at Paris Fashion Week. Taking over the floral and butterfly patterns, the squares and patches emerged, and should be on men’s wardrobe this season.


Must-have Coat

The most popular coat of the season is cut from wool and with a soft shoulder that would fall just off the shoulder to give a slouchy, oversized vibe. Coming in a single or double-breasted form, the idea is to loosen up when it comes to your outerwear.


Work the Shearing

The shearling, a definite classic that brings the ‘70s vibe, made a prominent appearance this season. It’s not just a coat lining but shearling was provided with more contemporary interpretation in Hermes’ trainers, Louis Vuitton bags and Fendi’s jumpers in both dyed and natural shades.


Layered Knits

Season of coldness is almost equal to the season of layering in fashion. But, this A/W 2015, the favourite go-to styling must-do takes on a higher notch by piling your knits one-on-top of the other. Tip: invest in a thin merino wool rollneck, and slip it under your thicker knits.


Gray Is Your Colour

If women were on the code red in the Autumn/Winter 2015, men, on one hand, would be on the grey scale. Quite usual for the season, you might say, but to make the palette gearing toward the not-so-ordinary side, styling is ensure to be head-to-toe ash with tailoring and tracksuit bottoms taking on the authority. Tip: There is no limit to how much grey you can wear on one go; use as many shades of grey as possible.


Supersized Pockets

Are you the kind of guy who hates carrying a man bag? Then, here’s the trend you must be excited for. With a space enough for an iPad mini (at a minimum), the pockets in men’s dressing are getting massive this season. As the outerwear gets bigger, the pockets become the highlight of your next piece, cut from conspicuously contrasting fabrics and sewn on in prominent positions.

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